Private membership

Private membership - 100 SEK for 12 months

To become a member you have to do two things. Send your contact info

and pay the annual fee. 


Contact info

Use this form


Swish 100 SEK to 123 473 9041. Don't forget to write your name i the message-field.


Pay 100 SEK by Bankgiro 5234-6897. Don't forget to write your name i the message-field.


Wire transfer 100 SEK to IBAN: SE44 9020 0000 0902 4679 5117 and BIC/SWIFT: ELLFSESS

Don't forget to write your name in the message-field.

Our statutes (in Swedish)


Download here

Short cut: Open your Swish-app

and scan the QR-icon

Benefits of becoming a member


Most of all you support the work we do. You help us with continue the mission of spreading the word about Hyperloop 

that will enable an environmental friendly transportation mode for people and goods. Travelling makes people come together and we believe that a better and more peaceful world will be created.

Especially when this becomes affordable and emission-free.

All your questions will be prioritized and published (if you wish) on our FAQ.

You will be able to participate at a discounted rate in our seminars and organized visits to testtracks and other

interseting facilities.

An accessible way of monitoring Hyperloop news.