When can we expect to see the first commersially operated Hyperloop?

The most optimistic forecast predicts 2023. According to the independent expert

Chris Dulake to CNN Travel it would most likely be before 2030.

Will the high speed travelling affect your body?

Travelling at high speed is not a physiological problems in itself. The acceleration though could affect your body 

if it would be too big. When we travel in aeroplanes the typical accelaration is ≈ 2,5g.

The Hyperloop is designed to have acceleration/deceleration around 0,15g which will enable comfortable trips.

Does Hyperloop really work?

Yes. There are already several test tracks that have proven the technology.

The existing test tracks are too

short though to achieve the promised speeds of 1200 km/h. 

SpaceX test track - Hawthorne

Virgin Hyperloop One test track DevLoop - Nevada

Hyperloop TT test track - Toulouse  (under construction)

Hardt Hyperloop test track - Delft

If it works why don't we have it somewhere up and running commersially ?

Certification, standards and security regulations are being processed.

It is important that all of these fields are thouroughly worked through before executing the 

tracks. Other challanges are financing, land aquisition, political agreement and insurance solutions. 

Where will the first Hyperloop route be built?

We believe it could be one of the following routes..

Mumbai - Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra

Abu Dhabi - Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

Malpensa - Milan in Lombardy/Italy

Two enthusiasts visiting

SpaceX test track in Hawthorne